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Hello! My name is Richard. Welcome to my home page. I am a bright, personable Ph.D. (in Physics) with a very good sense of humor and many interests. I am a scientist and mathematician by training and I work as a scientific consultant on scientific and computer matters. Actually, I was trained by the Jesuits so I have a very well rounded background.

I am single. My hobbies include: science, of course, photography, art, wood working, reading, writing and dancing plus a number of other things. I also play bridge and I collect coins, especially coins of 1943. I like going for long walks at times and I often like to just stop and smell the flowers. I love springtime with all the new flowers breaking into bloom. But, summers in the Washington DC area sometimes get too hot to handle. In my younger days. I often rode a bicycle just to explore places. My bicycle sometimes took me get off the beaten path and allowed me to go places where my car just couldn't go.

I'm originally from upstate New York (Syracuse to be exact), but now I live and work in Virginia near Washington D. C. I've traveled quite a bit in my work and I've been to most states with a coastline except for Oregon and Maine. I've also been to many of the interior states and Hawaii. Except for the Hawaii trip, all of my travels were in the contiguous United States. Although most of my travels were on business, they did allow me to see many places that I would not otherwise have been able to see. I always took some time to explore these new areas. Of course, as a photographer, I brought my camera along with me and I have many, many pictures of the places I've been. The lower picture of me on the left was taken in the tidal marshes near Charleston, South Carolina a couple of years ago.

I've been publishing pages on the net and learning as I go along. This page is not quite finished yet. As I learn more, I will be adding lots of neat stuff. I have a number of photos that I would like to put on a page sometime. A few are listed on the left. The link MY Coin websites has links to a number of my pages. A larger number will have to wait until I get some more time. I just changed ISP's so I had to make a number of changes to my website.

In the meantime, please feel free to explore some of my favorite sites or look at my other pages.

Thanks for stopping by.

The way I was: early and in high school

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Favorite Quote:

Never let your formal schooling interfere with your education.

Mark Twain      

"Never let your formal schooling interfere with your e