The Way We Were - High School

(Pictures from my high school year book)


This was an interesting picture taken on an interesting day in 1960 probably late May or early June. Every year, the small Parochial parish school I attended would close for a day and all the students (from grades K-12) would go on a picnic. The high school kids would go by chartered bus to one of the amusement parks in the vicinity of Syracuse, NY. This picture was taken in a parking lot at Sylvan Beach, a small amusement park on the shore of Lake Oneida. Nearby, there was a small night club (called the Three Rivers Inn) that often attracted some of the big name stars in show business. That week the star was Paul Anka. Well! Paul Anka showed up at the amusement park and the girls at my high school were ecstatic. They got to talk face to face with him and he took several of them on the amusement park rides. Imagine being a teenage girl, going on a high school picnic, and ending up on a ride with one of the teen heartthrobs. Paul Anka was a really neat guy that day. He made the day unforgettable for all of us.

This is my yearbook picture from my senior year, 1960-1961. In case you hadn't noticed, I was younger, thinner and had hair back then. My! Did we have a lot of fun.

This fuzzy picture is from our high school varsity basketball team. And that is me! I also played on the varsity baseball team. One of the advantages of going to a small school is that you could do almost anything you wanted to do. We had only 150 kids in the whole high school. But the Parochial League in Syracuse turned out some fantastic teams.

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